I’ve learned my lesson.

Music is my girlfriend. (Steph pahiram ng status message!)


Home Broadband Withdrawal

I’m starting to get used to long loading times of my blog, blogs I read and other sites that I frequent.

I’m starting to get patient when trying to connect to prepaid ISP’s numbers.

I’m starting to get the hang of having to resize the photos I want to post before uploading them.

I’m starting to remember dial-up numbers by heart.

I’m starting to get used to the modem handshake sounds again.

I’m starting to remember that I can’t use the phone while I’m surfing the Net.

I think I’m starting to have home broadband withdrawal.


Number of Days of Broadband (Dis)Service

26 Days and counting.

Somebody deserves an earful of flowery language, but please not the poor agents handling support calls.

I think I’ve burned their ears too much already.


Johnny’s Friendly Tips, Vol. 1

Tip No. 1

If you need a break for your 500-peso bill, and you have an extra-iffy broadband (non) service and there’s a 7-11 within sight and they sell internet cards, you’ll get that break for your big bill when you buy an internet card.

Tip No. 2

If you get caught in a major downpour without any rain protection on and your late for a midweek night out and you get drenched from shirt to jeans to shoes and socks, don’t take an air-conditioned bus to dry yourself out.

Take a *death bus instead. If you have cologne or perfume with you at all times, spray a bit on when you get to your destination. Highway scents aren’t exactly fragrant.

*Ordinary buses when there’s no traffic. Nearly all ordinary buses become death buses at night, most especially at the stroke of midnight, the same way Cinderella’s carriage becomes a pumpkin. (uh, okay. whatever.)

Tip No. 3

Don’t force your way through the downpour unless you’re really sure that you want to get wet. Not even Clark Kent/Superman can dodge raindrops. Running through heavy downpour is a double edged sword: if it doesn’t hit you from above, they surely will hit you from below (you’ll know it when you hear splishy splashy sounds while you walk or run).

Walking or running in the rain won’t make any difference if you’re unprotected. The raindrops eventually find their way to you. The one thing that true love and raindrops have in common. If you can find other things in common between true love and raindrops, please let me know about it.


Johnny’s Weird Trivia, Vol. 1

Trivia No. 1

When you want something, all the universe conspires with you to get it. I wanted a bar night out last wednesday, the raindrops start falling while I was thinking of taking a rain check. So I decided to run for cover, which was only available on the other side of the street. Since I was there on the other side, which was the opposite way of getting home, I believe that it was decided for me to go to that night out. And since I went one step further, by riding a jeep to the bus terminal, I took the next step: getting out of the jeep, into the pouring rain, to get to my next ride.

Trivia No. 2

Alabang and Makati weather, on certain days, are opposites: you leave Alabang in a major downpour, you are almost certain to see a nearly bone-dry Makati. Leave a bone-dry Makati at 1:30 am, you come home to a light drizzle in Alabang and Las Pinas. Robin’s experience last week during the Machinesledge/Eida gig proved this point, but the cities in question are Manila and Las Pinas.

Besides, I can see from our roofdeck sometimes the stark contrast in the weather for Makati and Alabang.

2 thoughts on “WALA LANG

  1. And that’s how to turn an almost-disheartening situation into something positive. sublimation na naman yan! o diba, “charge it to experience,” and with that comes “we learn best from experience.” as in ang dami mong natutunan. ehehehehe. galeng galeng mo talaga johnnydu!!!

  2. heheh like i said, i’ve learned my lesson: less sulking over spilled milk, negative stuff and such, move on to learning, feeling and looking forward to better things! we learn best from experience, that’s right, but some things we learn from a very good teachoy 🙂

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