broadband is back. thank heavens!

things to do:

1. download music
2. download missed F1 races
3. post some unposted blog entries

thanks to the repair guys who did a great job – my apologies to them for having to work on a Sunday morning but their straightforward action made me say generous things on their eval sheet.

to the two other teams who made the wrong diagnosis as to why i was having problems with my internet service, i sure you guys hope to learn from your mistakes and remember NOT to pass the buck to customer care. you were instructed, plain and simple to replace my defective service unit and you guys didn’t get the job done.

i know how that feels, not to get the job done, but when you’re dealing with a person like me, i am just too
kind, so you probably won’t get an earful from me.

and you cannot expect that from other people, because when it comes to service, some people will probably
roast and have your asses for dinner.


teachoy’s request: survey time!

surveys remind me of this scene in the movie High Fidelity, where John Cusack and Jack Black countdown their top fives. so, in the spirit of that scene i present a survey of:

top fives

what are your top five…

favorite things to do:
1. blog
2. take photographs
3. play guitar
4. text
5. eat

things you think about:
1. the next blog post
2. good mp3s/cds to have
3. food to eat
4. if i’ll ever be like most people
5. sex

sites you visit:
1. my blog (vanity: definitely my favorite sin!)
3. teachoy’s blog
4. post secret
5. waiterrant

things that your fingers touch:
1. computer keyboard
2. guitar strings and frets
3. my phone’s keypad
4. my own flesh (and clothes)
5. money (may it be coins or bills)

things you WANT to have:
1. iPod
2. Car
3. an iBook
4. really fast internet connection (i am on dial-up right now)
5. get out of my rut

things you love eating:
1. proben in front of southmall
2. KFC Original Recipe Chicken
3. mushroom burger
4. street food (betamax, isaw, adidas, balunbalunan, barbecue…)
5. hot steaming fluffy rice

things you love drinking:
1. ice cold water
2. ice cold beer (negra, red horse, light, pale…)
3. ice cold peach/lemon/apple C2
4. ice cold sarsi
5. iced tea

important letters in the alphabet:
1. R
2. A
3. I
4. S
5. E

things you stare at:
1. computer monitor
2. cellphone screen
3. other guys’ girlfriends (as if handa ako makipagaway)
4. food displays
5. sights outside the bus/jeep/cab window

tv shows that you watch (on TV/Cable/DVD/XviD/DivX):
2. Smallville
3. The O.C.
4. One Tree Hill
5. Formula One

songs you play on your pc/mp3 player/cd player
right now it’s…

1. freefall by imago
2. womb by sugar hiccup
3. soul searching by urbandub
4. much has been said by bamboo
5. ang ating araw by dicta license

people who you think would answer this:
1. monique
2. trina
3. robin
4. alan
5. yek

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