Still No Cure for My Sugar Hiccups

Sugar Hiccup in their “Essence of Silence” Pre-Third Album Launch at Winners

Nearly seven or eight years later, Sugar Hiccup’s second album “Womb” suddenly hits me solidly. I’ve been constantly listening to “Womb”, “Awa” and “Bells and My Shadow” among the other songs in that record and doing just that takes my consciousness somewhere I can’t describe or even remember. It takes me to a different high everytime. They’re kind of my musical drug right now. Words can’t do it justice.

Listening to this album, along with their first, “Oracle”, has made me realize that Sugar Hiccup 2005 has maintained their 1995 sound – unmatched still in the current music scene, unique and original sounding among the bands in circulation.

And listening to their 5-Song EP samples as well as the live renditions I’ve seen on their gigs, I realize that I am excited to get the full album as soon as it comes out.

That may just extend my having Sugar Hiccups till the year ends.

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