It’s been raining all day. For the first time in a long while, I wake up to a day where the raindrops beat upon our worn out 20+ year old roof and wind it up to the sound of a relentless downpour as I get ready for bed.


Ann (link to her blog coming really really soon) let me drive her car on the way to the mall for lunch today. I loved driving your car, let me have it if you’re tired of driving it around ha? 120,000 gives, oks na ba yun? Kidding man.

Good thing there weren’t any traffic cops, driving idiots (aside from me) and speed demons on the road, because I still haven’t got a driving license. My driving and parking skills were kinda rusty because the only things I’ve been driving the past few months are cars in PC games: really fast cars in F1 Challenge and NFSU2.

Thank you, Lord for keeping us safe. Next time, I promise, I will only drive when that license rests peacefully inside my wallet.


Thanks Teachoy Tweena for the Friendster testimonial! Kakakiliti. You’re the best!

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