Yesterday, I submitted my 30-day notice to the company I work for. It has been a great ride for 2 years and 6 months, 3 years and 2 months counting my internship with them. Looking back on those times, I have come a long way from a bumbling shy intern to competent systems developer, partly system administrator, documentation writer, technical grunt and analyst. I have made quite a number of friends there, pulling off all-nighters, consumed a pretty much a personal record number of cups of coffees, ranted my head off, a couple of private musical gigs at officemates’ celebrations, been a shoulder to cry on, an ear for other people’s concerns, and a willing colleague to help in anyway that he can.

I’ve been playing with the thought for almost a month until the middle of last week when I felt that I have gone through enough staying in my comfort zone. Something in me wonders if there is more out there for me, and having gone through a year or so of changes, I felt this change needed some fulfillment.

I look back at what I have done for the company and realized that much had been accomplished, some more to be done for them. I enjoyed working with the different colleagues that have come and gone, and I knew that I have gained friends that have seen through the best and the worst sides of me, and nothing could ever beat that. I have always maintained high esteem for these people I work with and I know that finding people like them will not always be possible and that is why I know how lucky I was to land a job there.

So, after thirty days, I will be out of work. Maybe take a few days off for me to recharge, think and hopefully start a new career with another company. I know it won’t be the same, but sometimes, it’s the uncertainty that challenges us to wake certain strengths within ourselves.


I’ve put some of my poetry out in the open. I know they suck, but they just have to be let out. Read them here and here. The first link is an old poem, but I like how it came out so I posted it there. The second one was a spur of the moment, as the rain suddenly came down on this hot Saturday afternoon.


There sorts of love that you never want to see out in the open. Like secrets, you share them with people you trust, but never share them with the object of the secret. And this kind of love is the one that breaks hearts the most. Never another person’s heart, only your own.

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