Oras at Ulan

tama bang antayin
upang sa ulan ay lunurin
ang oras na lumipas,
at ala-ala ay kumupas?

tama bang pilitin
na pag-ibig ay pigilin
upang malimutan
ang araw ng iyong paglisan?

oras at ulan
mga bagay na naiwan
ito na lamang ang karamay
at siyang magpapatibay

upang ako’y hindi na lumuhang muli.


IT RHYMES! Wala lang.


The poem above was something I posted in eManila Poetry. It just felt good to write something that rhymes and somewhat makes sense somewhat…


Mga napupulot ko sa mga mahal kong kaibigan:

FACT YOU! (Totoo Ka!)
FACT FRIEND. (Totoong Kaibigan.)
FACT BUDDY. (Totoong Kabarkada.)
FACT BUDDIES. (Totoong Barkada.)

Eto, kakornihan ko na ito…

YOU ARE STRONG IN ME. (Malakas ka sa akin.)
YOU DIFFERENTIATE ME. (Ibahin mo ako.)

Put them in a sentence…

FACT YOU! Yes, you are my FACT FRIEND! Because YOU ARE STRONG IN ME, I will dedicate this post to you as tribute. That’s right, my dear FACT FRIEND! I’m not like the others. YOU DIFFERENTIATE ME!


Oh-kay. That’s what I call an episode Ka-Kor-Nytis.


I think I’m in a sick funk. Argh. What is happening to me!??!! Talk to me blog! Can you not speak???

Naku, tama na, baka sumagot pa itong blog.

*whimpers and scampers under the bed*


For a change, I’m REALLY sleeping early.


Last hirit: I love my alarm alert on my Smartphone! It’s the Sunshine Song by Bamboo. I wanted to edit the sound file and make it loop over and over on the “wake up, wake up” part so that it’d sound appropriate as an alarm alert but I got this urge to slough off and hit the sack because it was already 3am.


P.P.S: Maybe I should try talking to the blog for my blogposts, because honestly I think I’m out of writing juice. Something to think about before I go to bed. Heheh. Err.

Okay. There. Enough.


Last na tlaga!

Chai, sorry for skipping tonight again. I miss the Wednesday night thing at Cable Car Pasay Road (even though that was the first time I tagged along) and hopefully if I get to move to Makati, no more messed up reasons to miss Negra, litre beer and the chocolatey menthe drink nite and all those stories.



4 thoughts on “TULA (POEMS)

  1. My dear, Jon. It must be a sign that I am losing it for I find your “corny” entries (i.e. FACT and company) totally hilarious and just had to share it with Jemmi.You? Sleep early? That’s like saying “LET’S SAVE UP MONEY” . 😛

  2. dude you are losing it! spreading the kakornihan? it’s so un-YOU! maybe its for the lack of ideas for something great to do :pyeah, exactly the analogy that i was looking for: me sleeping early is just like us telling one another “magtipid na tayo ha?”

  3. hi ara! glad you liked this one! 🙂 oh i bet you write one. some poems happen, and some well, need a little extra push. right now, i’ve got a whole lot of push coming from somewhere, and that’s what keeps me scribbling! 🙂thanks 😉

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