IMAGO – Take 2 Promo Tour @ Tower Records Alabang Town Center

Aia de Leon – Vocals/Guitars

Myrene Academia – Bass

Tim Cacho- Guitars

Zach Lucero – Drums

The band started a couple of minutes later than scheduled, pointing out that Zach forgot to bring his sticks (“Forgetful Zach”, according to Tim). Ann, Jemmi,Noriel and I got in just in time though as the instruments were all set and the band was doing a light soundcheck as we settled in our positions.

They started off with “Taning”, the first single off Take 2. The nicest thing with watching a band perform live is that they put some variations into the song to make the experience a bit more different from what we hear on the record. I love the way Imago does long intros, making the fireworks of their musicality build up the spirit for the vocal ammunition to come. Next was the song I was waiting for all day, “Freefall”. I was a bit surprised they shortened the intro for this song (which I so fell for, hook, line and sinker), but it sounded well. Satisfied fan here after hearing the song live. Then they rattled off “Akap”, “Bihag”, “Phoenix” and “Anino”, with Aia wowing the crowd with her fun antics and energy.

Jon with Aia

Ann and Aia (para daw silang sisters!)

First in line! Noriel, Jon and Jemmi at the top of the order.

Jemmi with Zach.

Tim, Ann and Zach after the signing. Tim is actually taller, bending a bit for Ann. Sweet guy. Heheh!

Done with signing. The band in a more casual pose.

Bandstruck! Ann, Jemmi, Jon and Noriel with Imago.

Then came the opportunity for the fans to meet the band up close. They were gracious and obliging, indulging the people that queued up to have their copies of the record signed by the members of the band. We kind of waited out for the people to thin out and seized the opportunity to have photos with the band snapped up and talk a bit with them about how they performed and verbal pats on the back for a nice record and a great show they put on.

So, again, thanks Imago! Keep the music coming!

4 thoughts on “PHOTOS

  1. Cutie naman da pics!!! The band members look good ha, in fairness… Knowing how they look like kinda encouraged me to try listening to their music. Now, that is the advantage of face value. Hehehehe!

  2. hey abby! i got your CD signed, and they all greeted you happy birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ shall i wrap it pa? its just gonna be here till you come home to Manila ๐Ÿ˜‰teachoy suki: astig sobra. thank God for Ann and her 7MP digicam. clear photos and all. this album rocks my socks! no bull!let’s support them ๐Ÿ˜‰

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