After a whole day of tweaking, here’s my Ubuntu Linux desktop screenshot.

Sorry Mr. Windows.

Actually, you owe me the apology.

Because you– crashed again, and for the nth time, you’ve let me down.

You lost all those unposted blog entries, short story ideas, photographs, everything dear that I stored on my PC.

At least I was able to recover my music files. Thank God for Partition Magic. But the Windows Partition was torn to shreds, and formatting it was the only way to be able to use that part of the hard disk again.

And since the Windows XP installer that I had was lacking the product key, I’m replacing you with this. Yes, it’s Linux. Yes, open source.

This isn’t new to me. I’ve used Linux as a workstation before. True, it is still a bit far away from the popularity and ease of use that Windows enjoys, but hey, I’m partly geek which means I will probably enjoy hours and hours of tweaking away at the setup and probably find myself staying up late just to be able to come up with a nice screenshot of my desktop.

Well, of course there’s a lot of things I’ll miss: recording muzak and editing them on SoundForge, the ease of editing and enhancing photos with Picasa, driving uber fast while playing F1 Challenge ’99-’04, listening to muzak and podcasts with iTunes, and of course coding with my newly found favorite editor UltraEdit.

Unless a nice package containing copies of Windows Vista or Macintosh’s OS-X86 will be right beside my pillow when I wake up tomorrow morning.

Wouldn’t it be much more fun if I had a toy desktop to play around with for all those OS’s?

But it’s goodbye for now, Mr. Windows. And helloooo Tux!

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