“I am tired, my sister.”

Dream to Death in Sandman: The Kindly Ones

I miss my sister. It’s one of the things I often tell her about my life – “I am tired.” And she’ll just listen, maybe lean her head on my shoulder and tell me that “I’m trying to do too much for everyone” or that “I’m leaving myself with nothing” or that “I’m too kind and too gullible and too stupid to know that I’m being played for a fool”.

Things like that.

So, me and my sister are kinda like the Endless, in a more real sort of way. Death and Dream to be exact.



I can’t think of anything to write:

Except this really fun marathon conversation with Robin and TJ over bottles of Negra and cans of Strong Ice about music, musicians, women, songs, Rockstar INXS, taking photos, and a lot of other random stuff that we could think of.

Except for this really unfortunate incident that involved me and TJ pushing his car from the entrance of PhilAm Village in Las Pinas to the nearest Shell station in front of the Perpetual Medical Center.

Except for the way TJ and I almost simultaneously threw up after the tiring task of pushing and running to get the car jumpstarted. It’s a pity that we threw up for the lack of oxygen rather than the overabundance of alcohol in our system. I would’ve preferred the latter reason.

Except for the surprise visit of my father at 9am in the morning – with a dozen FEU girls with him. In my stupor of getting just 3 hours of sleep, I inadvertently blurted out, “Dad, ano yan? Breakfast?” while wearing only my boxers and sleep marks all over my fat body.

See what happens when you can’t think of anything to write? You end up with a lot of exceptions.


I love the CCP ad. I wish there was a video code for it. Galing tlaga.

Piano solo in background. Girl in front of a PC in focus. At first, she types just like anyone else would. Then suddenly body English into her typing strokes as if she was playing the piano music we hear. Angles change and everything, I forgot na.

Then the tagline (not verbatim): “Di ba mas maganda pag may art sa buhay mo?”

Oo nga naman.


The type of ex I am is:
a m b i v a l e n t
I still have feelings for my ex, but I realize that we do not work as a couple and thus should be broken up. I will get over my ex eventually.
what type of ex are you?
| ‘EX’cellent. HA.

Second time in a week that I’ve been described as ambivalent.

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