At Death’s Door – Jill Thompson

Finally! I have it! 🙂

Set against the Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman – Season of Mists, Jill Thompson illustrates the story what happens outside Dream’s situation: Death, Despair and Delirium pull together to keep the souls from hell from pouring out into the world of the living by keeping them in the only place that Hell’s populace all know to well – the domain of Death. While Death tries to keep her responsibilities of taking the dying mortal’s hands, Delirium and Despair hold a party at Death’s doorstep to keep the dead souls from marching out into the living world. It’s a funny, light story set wittily into Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman – Season of Mists serious storyline and is a welcome comic relief from the depth and solemn writing that Neil offers. Illustrated beautifully in the Manga style by Jill Thompson, this book offers a great satirical take on Neil Gaiman’s poignantly written storyline for The Sandman.


Friggin’ Drunk – Again

Well, since my previous relationship ended a couple of months ago, three relationships that my village friends have ended. They are starting to blame me for this epidemic of ending relationships. Since then, I have skipped gym sessions for they have requested my presence in being there to partake in their sorrows. Three weeks have been spent in gorging in punishing ourselves by drinking to excess and sleeping late and hearing one another tell stories about how things ended in our relationships.

Anyways, they have labeled the syndrome the “Tano Syndrome”.

But like I always say, or better yet, what Neil Gaiman says in his graphic novel series “The Sandman”…

“Our lives are our own. Always and will be our own.”

Don’t blame me for your relationship failures my friends.

Blame me instead for sticking by you and getting you drunk in excessive amounts of alcohol.


Hi Blog!

I missed you.


Broadband ordeal post up next. Gotta catch some Z’s.

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