M.i.G Nights – Coming Soon…

After a power chat with Sarah, we have dubbed this coming edition of the Wednesday Night Drinking Thingie (WNDT) will be called “M.i.G” on WNDT (“Mind in Gutter” on Wednesday Night Drinking Thingie).

Let’s see what alcohol, power conversations, a great place, yummy food and a little ‘mind in gutter’ talks can do to its’ participants.



All of you challenge me.
Sometimes, you give me gooseflesh.
On certain days, giddyness.

You take me for a spin.
All the crazy angles in a dizzying pace.
On a steep dive or sudden climb.

You bump and crash into me.
Slow down to a crawl, speed up to a flash.
Or up and down you go, in circles.

I can watch you in color.
Shake me in my seat, squirming in anticipation.
And in a blink, it’s all over.

Then, I line up like everyone else.
In you I find my youth that I still struggle to set free.
For what would life be like other than a ride?

3 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. hehehe true! we sometimes lose ourselves in a ride, all sorts of rides that is. we lose ourselves in moments, yet, we find so much meaning in things we see while we are going down the road 🙂

  2. ERRATUM: Everything that happens is like one Roadtrip… sometimes it gets really exciting, sometimes it could bore you to death. But it’s all good. Roadtrips are always educational. Whatda… CAn u see the connection between my comment and your poem? I got confused with my own comment. Hehehe. It’s like bein’ on a roadtrip…sometimes you do get lost. Hehehe.

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