The past few days have been unbelievably hectic. There’s work. There’s life with friends who have done so much to indulge me with what I want to do and what I’ve been seeking. There’s me letting what my soul wants me to do. The balance hasn’t been pretty but hey, I think I’ve done a good enough job.

Friday – Full Blast III @ Mai-Yuchi Bar, Malate

A night full of unexpected things: far from perfect, but the underlying meaning took me by storm. As always, I indulged sharing all sorts of thoughts with friends: Teejay, Robin, Gabs, Tence, Allain, Jayvee, the two Rommels, Beya and Gems. They all provided insights that I took into myself and enriched myself with: simple pleasures like chocolate-flavored Cream-O, how other people take refuge in musical elitism, how the weather can be an “oracle” and nearly foretell of things to come, the other side of an “off-night” and the bright side of life.

One thing is for sure: despite the downpour that nearly drenched all of us, we all managed to pull together to make it through the night, and that is more than some people would do. There are those who would run away at the sight of dark clouds and live to fight another day. But the people I was with that night took everything the night offered. For that, I tip my hat to all of you. For what had happened that night reminded me one of the important things: an off-night isn’t something that happens every night, and it’s a guide for all of us how things should be on other days when we are all together. And lastly, for showing me what real friendship is made of. If I had a glass of beer, I’d raise it as high as my arms can reach.

Machinesledge turned heads when they broke into “The End of A Heartache”. As always, their set never fails to make heads go up and down. Though they admitted themselves that it was a bit far from their normal performance level, they did not disappoint me at all. Pantera’s “Domination”, and their original songs “A Different Mindset” and “Warring Factions” again impacted the audience that took up even the front of the stage just to get that up close look at how this band’s energy on stage feeds the audience and leaves them drained after their very intense set.

Gabs got one of his wishes. He sang for Skychurch in their song “Delubyo”. He did very well and even if you were a first-timer in the rock/metal music scene, you’d think the whole thing was rehearsed (it wasn’t) with the level of performance that they all churned out.

We didn’t get overly drunk, we got our fix of music, not much of a fix in the number of photos taken (Rob forgot BOTH battery packs for his Nikon Coolpix 775) and a real fix of real life, and I’d give Friday a good enough rating.


Sometimes, all you need is to see how reality works while escaping from it: it makes you see things in a different perspective, sometimes a lot farther from your usual perspective of how real things are.

More Photos from Full Blast III in my Flickr photo album!


Saturday – Poker Night and Yek’s Advance Birthday Bash

Yek celebrated his birthday in advance by treating us to a gluttinous dinner at Dencio’s Metrowalk. I think we devoured food good enough for a family of EIGHT. Basically, we knocked down 2 sizzling plates of pork sisig, a serving of Bangus sisig, asparagus with garlic, crispy kangkong, gambas, enseladang mangga, california maki, chicharon bulaklak, and squid a la pobre. It was mostly a quiet meal with all of us spending most of dinner chewing and calling out for the waiters for drinks or waiting for extra servings of rice.

After eating, we headed off to Richmonde Hotel for “Poker Night”. Yek brandished his new set of poker chips for a whole night of fun gambling. Also, we made a really short pit-stop for drinks and chips. It was a bit sad because Monique couldn’t stay too long due to a celebration of her mother’s birthday. I wish you had spent the night with us betting on cards and playing “Texas Hold ‘Em”.

Crying over My Last Poker Chip.

The whole gambling episode made me realize I shouldn’t do this with my money because Robin and Yek cleaned me out after Monique went home. I started out hot winning most of the first few games and I had thought that my luck would hang with me through the night but apparently Monique took most of that luck home with her πŸ™‚ How I really wish she had stayed through this fun and unbelievably intense poker matchup that lasted till almost five in the morning.

The Protagonists Shaking Hands After Battle

Robin emerged the winner. He stacked quite a lot of chips on his corner and he could’ve put around 2 San Miguel Light beer cans to match his stack of chips winnings.

Anyways, it was a really good night with lifelong friends, and I surely hope we can do this again soon, but hopefully in the cold mountains in Sagada.

More photos on Poker Night:

At The Start, I was Winning! Begginer’s luck I guess.

Monique’s Out of the Country Look πŸ™‚

I’ve Been Had! Nah! Just lost all my cash :p Well, not all, just around two-thirds.


Things I’ll Miss About Alabang:

One of my best friends just a text or an IM away at the 12th floor for lunch, a smoke, a inane discussion on all sorts of things.

Being a stone’s throw away from ATC – CD-R King, PC Express, Artwork etcetera, etcetera.

The 20 Minute Ride to get to work.

Being able to order from Gourmet’s Palate for merienda.

Waking up at nine in the morning and not really hurrying up.

The really short ride home.

The pretty faces of ATC: the Beda girls, Zobel girls, Woodrose girls… Eeep! Sorry bout that. I don’t want to go in jail for corruption of minors.

Alabang-Zapote Road crazy traffic.

Citibank right in front of your building.

And most of all, the people that I have worked there with who became more than just colleagues, but a guide for me on how to better my own career.

For all that, Alabang, I thank you. With all my heart.


Feck. I’m a bit tipsy. My apologies for anything really weird written here.

2 thoughts on “THE PAST FEW DAYS…

  1. wow poker…with some drinks and tobacco! how Vegas is that? the games that i’ll never learn…my brain’s too slow when it comes to card games…darnit. text na lang ako…cha-chob! i-sa dal-wa tat-lo a-pat li-ma..hehehe

  2. hehehe not much Ve-Gas… just the Orti-Gas type *yikes corny mode on*this is easy, just take some time to play it and with really good friends, it’s a fun game to play!!! heheheh especially indian poker (thanks monique for that variation!)Teks! How can i forget! lagi nga lang ako talo,hehehe. Not a born gambler i guess :p

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