The Big Question

No, it’s not “Will you marry me?”.

(Funny how this thought struck me – why does the question above
gets answered almost exclusively by yes or no, and not dodged by
another question… like “Why?”)


I think it’s “Why (insert any kind of action here) ?”.

I would have to admit that I am short on the reasoning department.
I always lose out in the argument department. Let me guess your
next question.

“Why do you say that?”

I don’t know. I guess I’m not patient enough with vocalizing my reasons out, imagine what more if you try to get a more complicated answer out of me.

Yes, a temper fuse blown.

But I guess the plain, cold answer to that question is…

“Because I can, and because I want to.”

Or its negative variation:

“Because I cannot, and because I do not want to.”

Or just the plain, colder, abbreviated version:

“Because I can.”

That will lead into and endless loop. Try asking “Why?” to counter that and we get an infinite loop.

The best answer to such a nagging question is free will.

Because we were made to want or not want. Because we were made
to measure ourselves to what we can and what we cannot.

That is what I believe is the answer to the big question.

Why would you disagree with me?

“Because you can and because you want to.”

Then the question doesn’t seem to big, doesn’t it?

Then it’s really just all about the possibilities.

*** P.S. – I could’ve used the answer above to answer those “Why” questions regarding me leaving my job, my vices, me being how I am and who I am. Maybe in the future :p

3 thoughts on “The Big Question

  1. I’m one of those annoying people who, if you say “Why?”, will just say, “Why not?” Just to annoy you. Haha!Mm, your thoughts kinda remind me of a philosophy class where the prof was saying how, the whole existence of man, the whole point, begins with a question. The question of “why”. Man lives questioningly, and so on. =)

  2. imo: hey thanks for droppin’ by! that’s right, most of us live questioningly, even if we don’t pose the question verbally,they are continually being posed in our minds…trina: yes we are 🙂 although sometimes, we let go of the being rational part and spend some time being a little bit of crazy, a little bit of a fool… :p

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