I won 100 pesos in pool poker.

Yup! But not from pure pool skills, but from luck.

My opponents fell apart by making errors in their shots. I won six straight games, all because my foes fell on their faces and wilted under gambling pressure (and really bad luck). I was just handed 20 pesos by one of my dad’s friends to play pool poker and I ended up winning four times that amount to get an extra 80 to make a grand total of a hundred.

Anyways, I made some really improbable shots (for players of my calibre, of course) and they were convinced that I was a “harang” (someone who has definitely good but didn’t show it). Of course I wasn’t. It’s just that gambling done for the first time in a medium really contains a lot of beginner’s luck and today wasn’t much of an exception.

I got lucky.

I bet you 20 bucks that I can’t do it again.

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