Horsing Around…

His shirt says: -National Breast Awareness Month- “We stare because we care!”

Horsing Around Still…

Red means go…

We are Sugar Hiccup…

Eve and her broken string…

Daydream Cycle

The Conspirators

Yes, we went merry-go-round the elliptical road on the way to Conspiracy. It was a night of wrong and missed right turns, of looking for absent rice meals, of red horses, of “horsing around” photos, of one boiling/rumbling tummy, and of hiccups and daydreams.

Nights like these give me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside, a completeness that doesn’t come everyday, the very same sense of accomplishment of writing a wonderful piece, or the harmony of a well-authored software, or the buzz that you get from a well-chilled bottle/glass of beer.

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