Favorite lines from some songs.

From Hale’s Broken Sonnet

Still, I see tears from your eyes.
Maybe I’m just not the one for you.


From Killswitch Engage’s End of A Heartache

Sleep brings release, and the hope of a new day
Waking the misery of being without you.


From Urbandub’s Gone

It doesn’t make it better, that you’re gone.
It doesn’t ease the pain at all.


From Barbie Almabis’ Shiny Red Balloon

I’m keeping my affair in a book.
So this is how a villain feels.


From Imago’s Freefall

Is it over? Still together?
I thought we were over this.


From Dishwalla’s Collide

When we collide we lose ourselves.
When we collide we break in two.
And as we push and we shove and we hurt the ones we love,
It’s a hard mistake.
When we collide,we break.

2 thoughts on “LYRICS

  1. hehehe. some songs really hit you lyrically, rarely can they hit you both musically and lyrically.medyo matagal na ang Dishwalla, I think I first heard their songs when I was around in high school pa.Collide is a great song, full of intensity and emotions. The songs from their last two albums feature intense music and lyrics emotion wise :p

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