Ice-cold beer, friends, and steady, rhythmic music blaring in the background.

Everyone’s just chilling out.

Pinikpikan churns out beats the crowd dances to.

Brownman Revival dishing out their beats.

Of course, a giant bottle of San Miguel Beer heralds the Oktoberfest venue.

Music, drinking, pulutan, and getting together with friends. That’s what the month-long celebration of Oktoberfest is all about. And only San Miguel Beer can throw this kind of an all-out party.

The reggae line/world music line-up of bands made sure that this weekend’s Oktoberfest was peaceful, steady and fun.

2 thoughts on “OKTOBERFEST

  1. heheheh every year na nga ito since 2003, at least one venue in every Oktoberfest!pero ayos lang, kahit naman hindi oktoberfest, nag-iinuman at nagsasayahan naman tayo eh!so it’s all good!rock on, teachoy!

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