– Brushing with a spanking new toothbrush rocks.

– Alabang can be reached from Makati in 15 minutes, thanks to her.

– I can’t seem to finish a whole cigarette these past few days. I’m beginning to have smokeless stretches while working.

– Fifty bucks isn’t such a bad price to pay for a single ride all the way to Makati during mornings. Plus I get to catch up with my reading, or re-read books that I hurried to finish.

– Globe’s TXTNONSTOP is a steal at 50 pesos/5 days. I’ve never done so much texting in a month, and yes even more texting than I did with my favorite teachoy back when we had much free time to indulge in intense chatting/texting sessions.

Mojo Master isn’t much of a help in practicing those skills in dating/flirting/hooking up. Not that I’ve been given much chances to strut the stuff I’ve learned. But it really is not applicable. At least not to the way the game is played here.

– Veronika Decides To Die was a great read. Galing ng storyline.

I have sugar hiccups again.

– Century Tuna Meatloaf tastes good! Try it, especially on fried rice or in a sandwich!

– I’m down to my last one hundred pesos. Good luck to me!

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