I am convinced.

I always make the good friend: someone who listens or provides some relief from the real troublesome reality. Someone who will make a fool of himself to make you smile or laugh or sigh in exasperation because of my high level of corny-ness.

A really good sound-off board.

Someone who you want to have in your corner when it’s round 10, the scorecards are tied, when you’re bruised and beaten and you need that extra push that you sorely want to get the win.

Someone who will step up to the plate and deliver that game winning home run when there’s 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th, 3 balls and two strikes.

But that’s all there is to me.

I screw things up beyond friendship.

That is my gift and my curse.

Not to worry. This heart is used to all that. It’s gone that way so many times, the feeling isn’t anything new.

Some bridesmaids never got to be the bride.

Maybe I’m the male equivalent.

4 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. aww, sweetie. *hug* I _am_ convinced … that someone out there is still waiting for you to find her. (syet! its soo hard to talk without a bottle of negra in my hand!)

  2. heres a good rule of thumb: THE BEST MAN WHO THINKS HE’LL NEVER BE THE GROOM REALLY ENJOY THAT CURIOUS DRY FEELING RIGHT WHERE HIS LEGS MEET.Remember. It takes two to tango. and assuming that there are people who are “good” at relationships doesnt make sense at all. If you want to create that magical “chemistry” then you have to LEARN and PRACTICE it.Repeat after me.“I dont want that dry feeling anymore.. I dont want that dry feeling anymore.. I dont want that dry feeling anymore.. I dont want that dry feeling anymore..”Good. Keep that in you can probably guess, there’s a hell of a lot more to making a woman feel SECURITY from you than just a few cute and adorable sweet tricks.You have them amigo. What you need. It’s about time that to use it.– stolen winter

  3. ano ka ba, isang “invisible war ni julia” lang yan, you’ll eventually realize that you dont have to worry kasi you can always be the flower girl…

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