Putting a dirty mind into a much better use…

Stolen Daybreak

You mount me, topped with a morning kiss.
After which,you put a finger to my lips.
You do a slow, alluring seductive dance.
And fill this room, with your morning fragrance.

Piece by piece, your clothes fall down.
As I cover my eyes, with your silk nightgown.

Though blind,I imagine a girl and a bed.
Creaking sounds, and your moans in my head.

Fifteen minutes, we straddle and struggle.
But with enough time to spare just to fondle.
The long embrace to feel your skin in mine.
Your scent and your taste inviting as wine.

It would have been better if we were louder.
Wilder if we hadn’t restrained one another.
Great if there was enough light so I’d see.
But it would have been best had you belonged to me.

4 thoughts on “POEMS

  1. @angel:this one was quite inspired by DMB’s crush, at least the ‘tonight, let’s be lovers’ concept.the rest is just me coming up with how imagine stolen daybreaks would feel after a long stolen night.heheheh there are things that I’d want to do in the written word, but maybe not in the real life (chicken ako heheh) πŸ˜›

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