I never thought that there would be a site like this.

Now you know where to find a song that will make you bleed, cry, curse or cherish he or she who used to be someone special in your life.

Someone should seriously consider (you know who you are who will agree with me on this) or

Ugh. Mind hopelessly in gutter.

It’s not easy being green.

5 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. hahaha! nakakaaliw ang break up songs! Bridge has a good one. goes like this:I sit and stareAt this half-empty roomCluttered with the thingsOf a subdivided lifeThe air grows thickerBut my cries won’t get any weakerThis craven heart of mineWon’t let me sleep tonightTossing and turningMy body yearns to be by your side ouch! hahaha! ;p

  2. @angel: Ouch!!! Whenever I’m fresh from a breakup (if you can still call five months after ‘fresh’), it’s a sort of indulgence.Although the break up songs I prefer are set to the alternative sound that I so dig.that bridge song lyrics has some really ouch lyrics! heheh 🙂@chai:MiG nights: throw your mind in the gutter, clean that gutter, and share it with everyone.What you have left is bottles of empty negras, tongue-tied cherry stems, and a gutter full of minds 🙂

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