friday night: taking an early flight off work. picked up a dear friend in her office. walked the safe sides of the side walk. tripping big time. laughing harder. buying ‘a little something’ for the host. more talk, less light rock. shuttle ride. short walk. getting mr. cuervo. arrival. sharing a seat, surprised that we fit. chicken fillets in mushroom and pork sarabasab. ‘work’ rant while lying on the cushioned floor with blankets. letting the food settle while building up the drink mood. moving to the upstairs bar. the right way to slice citrus fruit. shot glasses, iodized salt, a bowl of citrus wedges. a short demonstration. two girls and a boy, licking, shooting and sucking (not the dirty kind). I HAVE NEVER (all gone wrong). tequila flowing between stories about girls and boys. farting just a bit over there. protecting cuervo with the precious. revelations and reassurances. fighting frustration with alcohol, a sky full of stars, no-holds-barred storytelling and leftover sarabasab. retiring for the night.

saturday morning: not much sleep. “look, ma, no hangover!” lengthy but enriching breakfast. cool wind in a nipa hut. continuing last night’s conversations. whispering in the living room. going through DVD’s. taho. grape juice. more of last night’s spirit of conversations. goodbye greetings and farewell pecks. going home.

saturday night: free ride. boys will be boys. humoring viagra. hunger pangs. mouthwatering billboards. a different ‘town and country’ from the one that i know. one hour in edsa. no more traffic after megamall. earsplitting “fire drill” bells. leaving gateway. kabab time. two keemas with eggplant. one sizzling keema. three special chelo kababs. one beef beryani. four pieces of pita bread. one sizzling lamb chops. extra butter. two seven ups, one mountain dew, and two ripe mango juices. extra rice included. done in ten minutes. “they didn’t stand a chance.” crisscrossed arms reaching across the table. broken conversations over mouthwatering food. forgotten cigarettes on the ashtray. the BIG news. DEJA VU. “have a nice flight.” congratulations are in order. “Sagot ko to.” coffee time. the inconsistency of starbucks. going for seattle’s best. two coffees and two milkshakes. flight plans. life is one big project. answering some really big questions. smoking a lot of cigarettes. comparisions, conversations, and friendly exchanges and arguments. picking one another’s brains. trust or respect? “we should at least try to plan, even if the obvious outcome is failure…” a sip of cafe americano takes away the sleepiness. the four of us can last 10 till 2, and still have more in store. plans for the next month or so. going home. picking up a cab. breaking two one thousand peso bills can prove difficult at 2am. goodbyes just for now.

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