If you look over here, you will notice a poem written by someone familiar taking over trina‘s poem’s spot from last week. I would have made a similar post like trina‘s but my monitor resolution of 1024×768 just won’t do the screen capture justice so just click here, if you haven’t clicked there (pointing to the link at the start of this entry.)

How did my poem get to become featured poem of the week? Well, you must want it really bad – post like six or seven poems in one day, in my case. I guess umandar na naman pagka-KSP ko hehehe.


Near Kiss Experience is one of my favorite poems among the poems that I’ve published. Why? Because it allows me to send myself right back to that moment where I and a girl I used to date, sitting in a dark corner of a crowded and noisy bar shared that near kiss. I’ve gotten over the girl, but the near-kiss is something really that I never want to forget about. So I stored the emotions in the words of the poem.

How blurry everything else gets with the only clear thing you see is the face of someone you want to share a kiss with and how even the loudest bass-thumping sounds gets drowned out by the silence you impose on the moment just to feel intensity of the emotions is what I want to remember clearly.

Anticipation does that. It slows the time and the world down and etches the memories of that moment into your soul. Even when you leave out the details like what exactly the name of the place was, the name and the face of the girl I shared that near kiss with or the name of the song blaring in the background, the feeling will not be forgotten.

Certainly not this feeling.


Geek Again

I got glasses again. Something fashionably geeky (term stolen from Rheea. Hope you don’t mind that I borrowed it!)

Ladies and gentlemen, my new, “Boy Abunda” look.

Fuck I look gay.

And I was going for the smart guy look. My intent was to look a bit smarter than I am.

But, like Neil Gaiman wrote in his book The Sandman: The Kindly Ones:

“Intent and outcome are rarely coincident.”

So true.


I’ve got MacGyver First Season DVDs.

Oh yeah. Goodbye weekends.

Time to kiss dating during weekends goodbye for now.

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