The Long Weekend

Where have I been?

Yes, I caught the bad blogger syndrome this past week. I haven’t updated as frequently as I used to. As much as I want to blame this on my recent move to a Makati job, writing has always been ‘my call’ as to when I want to do it or not, and more often than not, I get the ‘I want to write or just be online’ feeling on more nights.

Until this past week.

What have I been doing?

Well, there’s spending too much time on the phone being a sound-off board. There’s spending too much time trying to be a substitute ingredient in someone else’s rocky relationship. There’s me ‘babysitting’ downloads (yeah, even when they clearly DON’T need babysitting). Of course, one or two nights with village beerkada catching up over bottles of Red Horse beer and billiards.

And this long weekend?

Friday night was spent with TJ and Robin catching up on music, beers, tuna sisig, barbecued chicken ass and grilled tuna ‘panga’. Saturday night was a highlight: playing bartender to ex-officemates-now-one-of-my-treasured-friends. After sleeping half the day and playing NBA LIVE 06 and NFSU 2 for one half of the other half of the day, I went shopping for ingredients for our drinks. The result? A satisfying mix of margaritas and tequila sunrise, sausages, really fun exchange of stories and lots and lots of quips at one another. Of course, that left me really tipsy. It was a feat of sorts that I was able to drive Robin home and myself afterwards. Sunday was a bit quiet, and the night was spent attending to my personal affairs.

Today? Well, I reacquainted myself with my computer: spent a lot of the day playing all sorts of games: Counter Strike, NBA LIVE again (am practicing so I could play satisfactorily with my officemates) and downloading tons and tons of music at MiniNova and ISOHunt.

Ah, yes. I should feel guilty for not exercising as much as I have in the recent months.

I really need to manage my time much more efficiently.

But the long weekend was a welcome relief from all that busy-ness.

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