Do They Know It’s Christmas?

I don’t know. I’m pretty sure it’s just around the corner, but it doesn’t feel like it.

Maybe this is because I don’t want to feel it too much anymore.

This is one holiday that is packaged to be enjoyed and observed by all people of the faith, but ironically, not everyone could afford to. Christmas has become a consumer phenomenon – “HUGE CHRISTMAS SALE” signs on almost all major malls, traffic heavily snarled in major thoroughfares, unbelievably long queues in stores and cash registers.

The Christmas holiday’s sense has become lost on the modernness of our world.

We put so much effort in finding the perfect gift, gift wrapper, and gift card and yet forget the important thing: togetherness, unselfishness, acceptance and loving. Yes, we should celebrate those qualities come Christmas time, but apparently the premium for the recent Christmas years is giving beautiful gifts, for all the right and wrong reasons.

Maybe I’m just lonely? A blue Christmas moment? I can’t enjoy Christmas because I don’t have money/want to spend money for other people’s presents? I don’t think so.

I just don’t think I can celebrate the holidays without not thinking anymore about those who just couldn’t celebrate it and think of it as a mere ordinary non-working day.

Those who just can’t afford to, these days.

Of course, I can just push it to the back of my head again, like I have done for the all the previous Christmases.

But this year, I’ll do something different. I won’t push it to the back of my head, and I’ll do something, no matter how small or token of an effort it is, I know that it will bring that old Christmas cheer back into me.

** But I won’t let all this stop me from greeting everyone a MERRY OPEN SOURCE CHRISTMAS TO (hopefully) ALL!

**Note: Change in mood brought upon the adding of Christmas decors on my blog. My views about the holiday season shouldn’t stop me from the rest of mankind from enjoying their holidays. This is just what I think and feel. Photo credits for the banner go to The Stock Exchange.


Top three definitions of a muse from Google:

  • in ancient Greek mythology any of 9 daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne; protector of an art or science
  • the source of an artist’s inspiration;
  • chew over: reflect deeply on a subject;

Many artists/musicians/writers/poets have been lost while chasing their muse(s). The sublime and overwhelming inspiration has either led to a path of self-destruction, or a road to eccentricity. Most give up their search for their muses at the sight of the golden glitter. Their true intentions become veiled and controlled by financial gain. Others choose to go on with the search, and in the journey, they flash their moments of brilliance, often leaving them less secure in monetary terms.

Some get lucky to find both their works revered and their purses full and round. But in their deepest recesses, they somewhat despair at the wide valley of their masterpiece and their reality or at the wide channel that separates their true message and the multitude’s interpretations.

But it’s not their doom that echoes throughout the ages.

It’s the light and darkness that their inspired works that reminds us of their journey to find their muse, and inspires us…

…to find our own.

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