In a few weeks, the year will be over.

Eight weeks after New Year’s Day, I will be twenty-seven.

Eight weeks and five days after NYD will be Hearts’ (and Motels’) Day.

Give or take eleven to twelve weeks after NYD will be Holy Week (getaway week- I just have to get to at least one beach outing next year).

Yes, it’s the time of year that everything starts to speed up. The days are shorter now, and darkness sets in earlier than your usual day.

It’s that time of year that I know I’ll be chalking up one more wasted year of my existence. A year wasted but a year that I enjoyed, ups and downs and plateaus. And that is probably why I love living right now. I may have been wasting my time, but I make sure I’m having a blast.

What would make this year completely fun would be a nice decent kiss with a lovely woman under a mistletoe with a warm and fuzzy alcohol buzz.

That ought to be enough.

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