Tonight I will be the Keeper of the Sky…
Tonight I will cradle you in my arms…
The Sky will soon echo the music…
That burns so brightly in our souls…


My soon-to-be guitar. How soon?


One less “mukha mo” item off my wish list.

Ibanez Artcore AWD82-TBL

4 thoughts on “KEEPER OF THE SKY

  1. Nice blog entry *smirk*You better practice. I want to see you play that. No more intro-boy for you, man, with Sky around.Sincerely,Ninang 😛

  2. Ninang Ann,Less online time for me. Prolly more time at Teejay’s. With Sky and his two male guitars 😉 Yeah, I guess no more intro-boy… 🙂 Sana gumaling lalo…

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