My new baby resting on my bed: Ibanez Artcore AWD82 – TRD


She feels good in my hands.
Every move, every right or wrong note.
The pain she brings to my fingertips,
it’s all worth it.

Touching her shiny surface,
Striking her soft, strong strings.

This is how it feels…
To have the world in the palm of my hands.


I didn’t get to by the blue guitar I would’ve named Sky. I actually had her reserved to me earlier during the night I was supposed to by her (Thursday night) but the store attendant failed to have the “reserved” tag put on her. At first, the attendant’s mistake got me into a “I-should’ve-bought-it-yesterday” funk, but when my friend Teedzay came to help me make up my mind about considering buying this red beauty, everything sort of settled down and a good hour of playing opened my eyes to her good looks, great sound and comfortable feel.

We jammed till 2AM. Took me a while to overcome that shyness and that reluctance to play like how I always did – with full passion and energy. Eventually when we jammed last Saturday night, I no longer cared if the notes sometimes did not sound right or if the riffs I pulled off sounded alike and repetitive. The important thing was Robin, Teedzay and I made our music and we had found a sound that we felt defined the three of us as a group.

I think the important value that I’ve found this past week is that somewhat, with this guitar, I am slowly finding that music that I’ve been fighting to let out from my soul. And with a little help from my friends, I know that I will find that song, sound and meaning, and hopefully sooner than later, share them with the world.


Help me name her! I’ve been pondering over the following names, since Sky would’ve been more apt for a blue guitar:

Amber, Sage, Melody, Abbey, Autumn, Chelsea, Ivy, Isobel…

Any other suggestions are welcome too! πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “FINALLY…

  1. if it was me I’ll call her Helen, Hades, Helga, Echo, Eventide, Mardrianne, Oolith, Aether, Opal, Adeline, Kaliyah, Maeve, Ximena. s_w

  2. @meyn – really suave. hehehe. parang magandang pangalan sa girls yan ah :p baka magtampo guitar ko hehehe!@s_w – parang bagay sila sa look ng guitar, classy and artsy… now if I could only pick… hehehe

  3. @spenz: thanks! i played around with zoe and for a time (which is short at the rate my mind is changing…) i thought I’d stick with it…what do you think of Simone?hehehe!

  4. @trina: hmmm you made me ponder about that name a bit deeply πŸ™‚ makes sense. i thought about the japanese name that means red which is “Akako”… but well… indecisive as always :p@jemmi: hmmm medyo napaisip din ako dun pero over na ako kay Rinoa eh 😦 hayyy hirap tlaga ng dillemma na ito!@bobby: hey thanks for dropping by πŸ˜‰ one of my dreams come true, getting a nice guitar and working towards playing it decently. the color wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but now that i have her with me, i’m just so into this guitar πŸ˜‰

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