There are days where it’s difficult to write down how you feel. It would be easier to say what’s happened in my typical day, or about the most unusual thing that happened while I was on the way to/on my way from work, but it’s hard to write about those kinds of things when you know you want to write something that you’re feeling but you just seem to can’t.

The past few days/weeks felt like that.

I guess when reality catches up with you, the candy-colored, gloss-finished words and phrases in your head evaporate to make space for worries, workloads, finances, and other worldly problems. And when the fuss dies down, you’re left with a brain as freshly squeezed as a sponge used for a Joy advertisement without being ever changed (2000 plus plates. poor brain.)

So there. Like I said, when you can’t seem to write about anything, write about not being able to write.

It works like magic everytime.


she’s my eye candy
and her smile is younger than thirty…


let’s try to make this holiday less about ourselves and more about the people we love. peace and prosperity to all!

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