What is Christmas?

This year it was…

Buying something special for my mom, like a mobile phone, and watch her enjoy her present.

Getting something nice for myself, like a guitar.

Giving away little Christmas envelopes to my kid cousins/brothers/sisters.

Finally handing a little something to my grandparents/uncles/aunts.

Christmas Eve: Eating, then watching one or two DVD movies, then napping, then waking up to eat again, then watch DVD movies again, then drink and then sleep. Repeat during Christmas night.

Talking and sharing – stories with cousins, mapping out dreams and my life with uncles, aunts and grandparents… talking during the long drive to Tarlac, talking after lunch and dinner, talking on the long drive home… Strengthening family bonds.

Silently thanking the Maker for all what has happened this year: some pains, some gains and definitely for all the experience and for simply being allowed to exist, to feel, to spend, to work, to give thanks and to be something to the people I encounter on my way.

Being allowed to shine, to break free and to find who I am and who I want to be.


Guitar Update:

I’m calling her “Scarlet”. Thanks to all those who gave their comments and suggestions 🙂 Hopefully you guys will see her (and me) on stage soon.

I’m thinking about getting a Peavey amplifier for the guitar. I saw a steal of an amp in Audiophile in Ali Mall, and some extra funds is tempting me to buy it.


From a departing colleague’s e-mail:

For many of us, the New Year is symbolized by the sight of fireworks launching toward the pitch black sky then bursting into bits and pieces of light that come as one to give us glimpses of heaven. I was walking along Ayala Avenue after work hours, when I heard from a distance, the cracking and popping of fireworks. Sadly, I never got to actually see them that night. But that experience made me understand a lot in terms of the time that I spent here in . People may not see the lights yet, but already at this point, they are aware of how the company has been making loud sounds, a simple sign of how great this company (already is, and) can be. I do wish that I could still be part of the group when every single walking person sees the bright lights that will be able to create. But for now, I will just have to be one of those who’ll be amazed at the fireworks (while quietly saying to myself…wow, I used to work there).

Good luck and may you have a prosperous career ahead of you Mister Commissioner! Kitakits at laban-laban na lang sa NBA Fantasy League sa Yahoo!

With this, I just want to say Happy New Year to everyone. Let’s shine again for 2006, because we all have the permission to shine! (uy 6 Cycle Mind album ito…)

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