HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

That’s Robin, Teedzay and I after lots of beer, tequila and music. New year’s day with friends. Oh, and watch out for a demo of our first song real soon. It really took shape last night. Teedzay’s riffs and words, Robin’s voice and words, and my, uhm… guitar and some words and suggestions/arrangements.

May we all find our muse, music, art, tech savvy, better half, money, food, career, and enlightenment this year.

And if not?

There’s always next year.

But let’s do the things that can’t wait NOW.

Best of luck my dear friends and readers 🙂


New Year’s Eve/Day in Photographs

Little children dancing to “Pinoy Ako”…

And families: Aunts and Nephews…

The Whole Family…

Fathers and daughters, and bright lights full of hope…

And children whose cares are for youth and growth…

And writing their names in stone with light…

And my auntie’s best-cooked-for-new-year’s-day chicken barbecue!


i can’t risk a glance for more than one second in your direction.

all i know is you start these little fires inside my chest.

and slowly the flames eat up my resolve to make any semblance of a move.

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