Me and my copy of “Sa Kabila ng Ritmo”.

It’s not that much. It may not be the novel, but it sure feels fulfilling as if I have written one! But it’s not how big you make your dreams come true…

To be considered as a “new Filipino poet” is an honor and a source of pride. Thank you! Go find my name in the list! 🙂

Today, I picked up my complimentary copy of “Sa Kabila ng Ritmo” (Beyond Rhymes), emanilapoetry’s collection of poetry contributed by their community of poets published into a book. One of my poems, “Oras at Ulan”, was picked by the site to be included in the book, entitling me to get a complimentary copy plus discounts when buying copies of the book. I felt flattered and honored to have my humble work placed in print along with the works of 54 other talented poets. It has been a dream to see my name in print and even though one of my poems was published in a school paper when I was a high school senior, this was the first that I used my name, not a pen name, to be printed in a byline.

“Oras at Ulan” : I had one page all to myself!!! 🙂

Although only one of my poems was included in this collection, the number doesn’t tarnish this unexplainable feeling that I have – that slowly, I am making my dreams come true, that I am using whatever gifts that I have to share with other people and that thanks to the help of many, many friends and people I have never seen or met that kept me going with their words of encouragement and generous complements. So to all of you (especially you, Teachoy, who encouraged me to post the poems in and who kept believing in what I could do…), many thanks for not letting the dreams of this boy wait till the end of time to come true. My true power comes from all of you, and you people are the few that makes me believe that life will always have something in store for our dreams, even the frailest ones.


  1. johnny!!! gusto ko umiyak sa tuwa hehehe!!! congrats and im really really happy for you… it feels good na i kinda helped (uh-hum nag-feeling na naman akich) make ur dream come true… autograph ha! exciting!

  2. @jenjen: alak pa!!! salamat! 🙂 sana masundan pa 😉@trina: *beams proudly* i’m happy for the both of us! magkasama tayo sa book na un 🙂 ako din pirmahan mo book ko ha? 🙂 let’s keep chasing our dreams!!!

  3. hey angel! thanks so much 🙂 go to i think they have details there on how to order the book 🙂 better yet, i can get one for you tutal discounted naman if i buy because im a contributor 🙂 i can give the book when we meet 🙂

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