Oh, yes, it’s a FOOD post.

Working in Makati has opened my taste buds to new frontiers, though not all of them are exclusively located there. I haven’t done much exploring yet, that’s because I’ve been taking lunch with me almost everyday since I started working with the Breakfast Club. (no, it’s not a restaurant. secret! walang clue!)

Anyways, here are some of what I’ve tried so far:

Computer Store food – Two kinds of viands, a serving of veggies (a tiny one but who’s to complain when I reveal the price), a hefty serving of rice for tantananantantaaannnnn – a measly 70 pesos. And the food doesn’t taste sloppily cooked or second rate. It’s worth the 3-5 minute walk you make when buying.

Mini-Stop Chicken – Nearly four months working and only yesterday did I discover that Mini-Stop chicken is not just “pwede na” good. It’s REALLY good. It’s like Chicken Joy, pre-Jollibee reinvention of the Chicken Joy. I think I’m gonna have Mini-Stop chicken at least once a week. Goodbye, 7-11. Okay, not completely. They still have the Spicy Hot Dogs.

Shawarma beside Mini-Stop – Not as good as BF SSC’s version of this Arabic classic. But it’ll do. If you’re conscious about your blood pressure, don’t watch while the beef is being sliced. Despite watching the dripping fat and oil, this snack is still a classic delight. Bring on the garlic sauce.

Mini-Stop – They sell Nacho Blue, a favorite of mine since I was a kid. 7-11 always seems to have no stocks of this classic junk snack. So when it comes to snacking in our office area, Mini-Stop will now be my 1st choice. For other purposes, 7-11 will be always first.

Manong Fishballs near GT Tower – Before boarding the bus, I take my suicide snack – 2 pieces of chicken balls and 2 pieces of squid balls. Mixed with sweet and spicy sauce. Pop them in my mouth piping hot. Get tongue and gum(?) burns. Hail the bus and get in chewing.

That’s it for now. Hopefully, I find enough time to explore more obscure but yummy food places in Makati πŸ™‚ Then I’ll tell you about it πŸ™‚



I’m 5 feet 4 inches and 160 pounds.

Please please please call me fat now.



I haven’t had a drop of alcohol for like a week now.



I haven’t had a date for seven months now.

And no, I’m not dropping hints.


Because I got frustrated waiting for the next shipment of Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys, I bought three Bob Ong books that I didn’t get to buy last year with X’mas Powerbooks GC’s.

Now, I’m having zany laughs before I go to sleep. He’s a funny writer. And there’s a certain depth to his quips. You gotta read his stuff.

I guess I finally tired of reading Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code on my mobile phone as my sleeper.

6 thoughts on “Oh, yes, it’s a FOOD post.

  1. Oh, my weight’s a small thing πŸ˜€ one thing I won’t show online is a photo with my shirt off. The horror! it’ll prolly confirm my worst suspicions : that I am fat beyond salvation!How can one stop eating all the delicious food!? It’s not fair!!!

  2. How can one stop eating all the delicious food!? It’s not fair!!! — tell me when you already got an answer to this question. Please. Wehehe! FOOOOOODDDDD!!!!!!! grabe!!!! mini-stop chicken… i LIKE!!!!JOhnny, i tried my best not read ur post. But couldnt fight the urge because it says “FOOD.”

  3. @trina: hay naku trina, tingin ko kahit ipagbawal sa akin kakainin ko pa rin, ok lang ikamatay ko, basta ba naka ismayl ako hehehehe.you tried your best dear πŸ™‚ but i guess sometimes our best isn’t good enough wahahahah! videoke na to!!!

  4. Jon, however fat you become there will always be someone who will love you unconditionally — si God. =)Hehe, all the rest of us are only human. Mwahaha. Joke lang!

  5. @sir gil:buti pa si God, unconditional! πŸ™‚sir update ka na heheheh baka next July ka pa mag update nyan hahaha πŸ™‚ oh well, i need a strategic eating plan! :p

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