New poems published at emanilapoetry.

Echoes of desperation.

Neil was right. The things we do have echoes.

And it reverbrates all around my ears, my mind and the dark places I see when my eyes are closed.


Some people ask why I bare my soul online.

I do this not to be Mr. Popular or Mr. Nice Guy or to be perceived as deep and profound and the like. I do this because sometimes, my mind and my soul needs this. To just bare. Something I cannot physically do in the real world because I’d just stammer and stutter and blabber.

So I do it here. Dirty laundry and all.

I don’t mind being chastised or being laughed at for doing something like this. I really don’t. It doesn’t hurt at all.

Not if you’ve been doing all this long enough.

Not if you need something like this badly.

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