It was Yek’s and Monique’s idea. And it was fun.

Everyone knows that most of the time, I can get really cheap. So their idea of “listening” and “watching” Jason Mraz (his shadow most of the time, anyway) over coffee just behind the Rockwell tent was something not so hard to sell to me.

We had a really late breakfast (830pm) at Gram’s Diner. It was our first get together since Robin left for London, but certainly not the first that only the three of us went out together. The good thing is, hanging out with Yek and Monique doesn’t make me feel like I’m third wheeling at all.

So after dinner, we got our cups of coffee and sat behind the Rockwell Tent rear entrance. The songs being played by Mr. A-Z was clearly audible, and I could tell that most of the songs he played was from his new CD. The three of us took photographs of Mr. Mraz’s shadow, and Yek and I posed with his shadow.

So we spent the rest of the night listening to his new songs and songs from his first record that I never heard before. The three of us would goof around and play and tell all sorts of stories to one another. People would pass by and throw a gaze or two towards our direction. Great thing was, we didn’t look like too amazed or too awed by the performance (of course, we couldn’t see anything but shadows, we only heard music…). The security didn’t mind our presence even until the show was over and Mr. A-Z took off towards his hotel room.

We just looked at him and gave each other “ok!” looks.

So the three of us hung out till past midnight and parted ways after having halo-halo and rootbeer float.

Of course, we missed someone who’s touring the streets of London. But I guess there’s no fault in finding fun among the remaining company.

So there. A Mr. A-Z show for the price of dinner and a cup of coffee. And we got up to three feet of him when he left the venue.

Not bad at all.

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