Lessons to learn from Manny Pacquiao’s victory against Mexican boxing icon Erik Morales:

1. A fighting heart, strong focus on the goal at hand, and a tenacious will to work and work harder will reap rewards. Eventually.

2. Housekeeping can do wonders. Cleaning up his camp gave him a much more conducive environment to achieve his goals. No more gold-toothed swindler. A team of trainers and managers who spare no expense to keep Pacquiao focused and undistracted. Away with the greedy sharks, scheming mimmies and posers. Now he has a set of people who have something to prove to him: that he can trust them.

3. Faith plays a hand. Prayer to the God that you believe in will keep your heart in the right place. A prayer not just for show, but actually doing it from the heart and in actions. Pacquiao may have his vices, but no one is perfect. He is said to be a generous giver to his people in General Santos City.

4. Losing can be a key to victory. He was gracious in his last defeat to Morales. Sure, he may have pointed out some excuses to cover his ass, but he used failure not to cast doubt on himself but to strive harder towards success. Sometimes, we give ourselves excuses too, and just blame it on the circumstances. And leave it at that. Not Manny. He used his failure to motivate himself, to get better and listen to the people who says so and learn from them diligently. He may not have followed instructions to the letter during his win, but hey, we all don’t follow instructions to the letter. Leave some room for creativity and extra motivation.

5. Take every punch that comes through as a wake up call to work harder. Pacquiao wasn’t an unhittable boxer. He took hits that Morales got to slip through his defenses. That’s life. We are not impenetrable, we have our weak moments. But the key is to keep on keeping on, to keep on coming at the challenge and be better at making adjustments to prevent ourselves from being floored by the barrage of punches that life gives us.

Pacquiao’s victory shows how we are as a people that often gets lost in the politicking, controversy and the negativity that shrouds our identity as Filipinos – that we have heart, grit, determination and guts. Sure, we have our fears, our insecurities and our flaws. But that should never prevent us from seizing our moments and opportunities to shine.

The three stars and the sun are more than just symbols representing our country’s major islands and founding cities that rose against nearly four centuries of oppression. They are symbols of our identity: our courage, our determination to shine at all odds, our fiery passion to succeed and our faith in a creator that gives us the light and the permission to shine.

Even for just a moment.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Thank you, Manny Pacquiao. I sure hope your victory will echo change in our people’s outlook.

The change we are all hoping and working for and praying for.


TigerBoxing couldn’t have said it any better. Read here


Ten Years After

This March would mark 10 years since I graduated from high school.

This year would be our ten-year reunion.

I know some of them are MD’s, Attorneys-at-Law or big-time businessmen. Some took a shot at modelling, stardom and music. Some are in faraway lands, studying, maybe married and taking care of their children. Most would be here, pushing hard as ever to fulfill their potential and live the life that they dreamed of.

Some fear seeing old classmates and friends, maybe because they compare themselves to the successful people of our high school class.

At one point, I was. But now, I don’t think about that.

I think I got a better end of the deal. Seven of those then years I spent completing my BS. Of the seven years, two I spent wasting my parents’ hard-earned money taking the wrong degree and major. One spent in wallowing in pity and indulging in all sorts of vices at home after my college dismissal. Four in making the most of the second chance I got, pushing hard, proving myself to myself and finding people who I keep dearly close to me until now and maybe until the end of my life. The last three years, I’ve spent honing my abilities and learning new things from people who started out as strangers and eventually became colleagues and now are friends too.

My miserable failure showed me so many things that being successful never taught me. I don’t think I can name or enumerate them. All I know is that they’re in my heart and in my consciousness.

Ten years after, I am wiser, stronger and more complete in terms of ability to work.

Ten years after, I am gullible, cowardly, safe and indecisive in personal terms.

Ten years after, I am so different, yet so the same.

One thought on “THOUGHTS

  1. Aaaawwww… don’t be so hard on yourselfwhen you think you’ve had too much of this life, hang on…everybody cries, everybody hurts sometimes – r.e.m.

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