What weekend?


Teedzay and Rommel of Machinesledge invited me to come with them during the recording of guitar tracks for their song “Different Mindset”. I did 12-string guitars inside the main studio after they were done and I was so fascinated with my sound that I wanted one myself. Afterwards, we had lomi at Manoy and Cucuz’ Panciteria. There was a slight price increase from 49 pesos to 52 pesos for the giant lomi bowl but the same great taste remained. Topped finally with a piece of pointed yema. Sleep time: 4AM na ata.


X-deal: I do Mambo/PHP sessions with Teedzay, he does guitar sessions with me. First test: guitar solo over a chord pattern. Well, I didn’t sound good but I did pick up learning points during the session. As a teacher, I think I suck. Will setup their site using WordPress, will try to see how that pans out, then I’ll teach him how to implement it for Machinesledge’s website. Hotdogs on pan de sal plus tikoy for snacks. Left LP for Manila for rehearsals with Spoonbender, who would be playing the following night on JAM 88.3. Ended up drinking while jamming with everyone once rehearsals were done. Sleep time: 5AM.


My aunt’s birthday. Meal of the week was her birthday feast: grilled sirloin steak, barbecued pork, grilled prawns in butter garlic sauce, grilled tilapia and lots of steaming hot rice. Ate for ONE WHOLE HOUR. No wonder I’m hitting 170 lbs. Went off to JAM 88.3 later that day. Played K-Hon for Spoonbender during “Beautiful” soundcheck. It went great. Went photographer mode. No drinks. Went home early, but slept late. Phone monsters. Sleep time: 30AM.

And I got through it in one piece.

And I’ll go through it again this week.

I’m praying my body holds together.

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