At first, I was hesitant. Shy even.

But the moment that I stood at that small but elevated stage, with a guitar strapped on me plugged to an amplifier, a mic in my face and two other friends manning the other microphone and guitar, every drop of doubt and hesitation just disappeared.

I felt I somehow disconnected with the real world for a moment. I suddenly felt there is a sense of escapism in playing music, may it be yours, or other people’s music. It detaches you from the reality – the politics, the stress and pressures of work, rising prices and increasing division of our countrymen. Everything else gets lost in the moment.

My eyes blurred as I saw familiar faces of colleagues, friends and strangers trying to have a great time. My ears only heard our rendition of the music we played, the loud cheers, and the applause for our efforts to share whatever talent we could muster from our bodies.

It was three songs, so it was more or less our fifteen minutes of fame.

An impromptu gig.

A pleasant surprise.

We were given the permission to shine*, and we did.

It’s sad because all these happened for someone really great was leaving our company.

Life can be oh so bittersweet.

*Note: Again, this is a borrowed line from 6Cyclemind (Permission To Shine)


I think what happened tonight just made me crave for more…


After a marathon conversation with my best buddy Rob on the phone, I’ve suddenly felt the urge to follow his footsteps and take a chance at foreign shores.

I guess I’ll clear everything I have unsettled here, then I’ll do that.

His feedback about the city of London makes me want work, stay and remain there.

Let’s wait and see.

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