Come , writers of free verse!
Come, writers using rhyme!
Come, writers using meter!
Come up on the stage and stand up together!

Our creations brought together by a man,
Our creations molded into a single gift.
Our creations brought together by a man,
Our creations to give poetry a vital lift.

Absent friends and distant poets, your poetry read aloud and applauded!
Absent friends and distant poets, your presence longed for and wanted!
Absent friends and distant poets, your talents discussed and exalted!
Absent friends and distant poets, a moment for you all celebrated!

Amongst us, we extend our gratitude!
Amongst us, we discover one another!
Amongst us, we exchange our signatures!
Amongst us, we have fun and celebrate our collective fruit!

Thank you for answering this prayer and granting this.
Thank you for all of you who had written words, rhymes and lines.
Thank you for friends who know your dreams and helps you realize these.
Thank you to the Creator for all this!


Photos taken by Teedzay Carlos. (Bro, malufet mga kuha mo!)

I don’t know what else to say. I am still overwhelmed. Reading the pages that co-contributors signed still give me goose bumps. Their poetry is something else. Really great material.

Anyways, since I ran out of things to say, here’s some more photos:

Signing on the page of my poem, “Oras at Ulan”

Happy but confused: I don’t know what to say!

It’s mostly “thanks!” and “salamat!”. I’m obviously overwhelemed!

The lady poets sign first! My friend Trina in the pink top signing for friends’ books.

Sharing a light moment with Mr. Romy Z. Cayabyab, E-Manila’s Managing Director.

The guys now sign the books too!

Mr. Cayabyab starting off the Book Signing by having the book used in the Poetry Reading signed by the present contributors.


  1. ooohhh.. this was what slipped out of my head! i keep forgetting. haha inaalala ko the other day..iniisip ko kung birthday or event. pfft. anyways, looked like you had fun! congrats again! oh and btw, malapit na birthday nyaaaa. yihaaa ;p

  2. @steph: uy thanks!!! sayang di ka nakapunta! 😦 it was a fun and overwhelming experience at the same time! wow thanks for remembering na malapit na pla bday ko hehehe πŸ™‚ katuwa! cheers! alak nahhh!!!@trina: hey you! again, siguro para na akong sirang plaka but thanks for making all this possible! πŸ™‚ *one HUG!* Congrats to us both and all the other poets!!!@robin: dude if nandito ka sure ball nakapunta ka nun! ill buy you a copy don’t you worry πŸ™‚ para sa pagbabalik ko or kung matatagalan pa, ipadadala ko na lang jan πŸ˜‰ miss ka na namin dito pare!

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