Last year was pretty awesome.

I really felt loved.

I’ve since then traded love for my own happiness, the search for it really.

I’ve found some here and there.

I’ve left some comfort zones and sought out the unknowns.

Sometimes, it felt like coming home.

Sometimes, it felt like a big mistake.

But on a day like this where I’m supposed to grow a bit wiser, a bit more mature and a bit older, all I wanna feel is that the past year didn’t go to waste.

Whatever it is that I left and I did, should make this coming year a better one for showing me what I could not have seen or felt had I not left.

Well, if it’s any comfort, it doesn’t feel like any of the above.


Oh yes, it’s the birthday blues.


Someone gave me the best gift last year.

It wasn’t expensive, it wasn’t cheap.

But it was enough to stay with me until now, a year later, in my head, and in a small corner of my heart.

I remember that. And I remember writing about it.

3 thoughts on “THOUGHTS

  1. @dean maraming maraming salamat šŸ™‚ hope we can all hangout ulit! do I smell an ex-MAI reunion?@trina this is the year where so many people greeted me and i just feel so darn blessed to have so many people around me. thanks so much and you’re one of the few reasons why I had a happy birthday this year šŸ™‚

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