Parked car,
This night sky,
Makes city lights shine like diamonds,
our song plays on the radio.

First of Summer by Urbandub


Thank you, Urbandub, for signing my CD’s. And for the kind words! It was the first time that I saw them perform live, and thanks to Machinesledge, (who by the way opened for this gig) I got to watch them minus the cover charge for helping them haul their setup. I want to watch them play again while they’re here and hopefully I’d catch them playing songs from Influence too. Last night, they sang five songs from their new record Embrace: Frailty, Endless A Silent Whisper, Safety In Numbers, Alert the Armory, and First of Summer. All I can say about them is watch them while they’re here.

And that you’ll love First of Summer.


Machinesledge @ Gweilo’s

I’ve run out of things to say about the sound of crackling metal strings, thumping of skins, booming basslines, shreds of dark night and voices that shriek of the poetry of our existence. They’re currently recording tracks for their album and their sound is heavier than ever. Watch out for Different Mindset.

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