February 14, 2006 @ UP Manila, 6PM.

I’m gonna be playing rhythm guitar for Spoonbender. It’s my first gig in the longest time: last time I played, I manned the bass which I had no idea how to play, and it was my freshman year in college at DLSU. My classmates and I participated in Engineering Week’s Battle of the Bands where we placed fifth (out of five bands! not bad!) Our band broke up after that heartbreaking loss and I’ve been playing strictly in small office gatherings and in drinking sessions and in APC’s intermission numbers since then.

TJ and Terence’s other band, Eida, will also be playing. They’ve got great new songs to play and their set promises to be a very intersting and a different sound experience.

So if anyone out there is dateless and has nothing to do on the 14th, come by UP Manila and watch us, Eida and lot more bands. We’ll try our best not to break anybody’s hearts and give a good show to while this commercially induced season of love away.

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