As I walk towards the smoking room, this scene unfolds in the hallway that I am about to pass.

Flower delivery guy comes in.

He calmly approaches the front desk and asks if ______ ________ works here.

Ms. Frontdesk nods and calls her local.

______ ________ walks in and gasps.

“For me?” she asks Flower delivery guy, who nods positively. He reveals a intricately ornated single white tulip in a box.

“They’re beautiful. So, who sent them?” she asks.

Right on cue, I reach the front desk area. As I walk by, we caught each other locked into a gaze. But just for a moment. Our gazes held for an eternity that is one second, and she smiled the prettiest smile at me. It was like she knew. And after that one second, we both turned the opposite ways but throwing each other another glance and a smile…

Then, I am snapped awake from my daydream by her voice. It’s real this time. She’s saying thanks to a person right behind me and flashing that captivating smile.

I wanted to say something, but instead, I am left staring and silent.

Now, I am left wanting to have that daydream all over again where I could make her smile without even saying anything.

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