Here in the Philippines, the biggest tragedy is that we are governed by people that seem to show their sympathy in front of cameras, flashbulbs, TV crews and scribes.

Here in the Philippines, it’s tragic that the government thinks that the solution to the havoc caused by mother nature to the countryside barangays can be solved by relief goods.

Here in the Philippines, it’s tragic that the multi-million-peso budget for changing our constitution should remain untouched (before it gets touched, there will be numerous hours of debate in the Lower House, then Upper House and so on and so forth…) while rescuers struggle with barely adequate tools and equipment to try and save potential survivors buried in mud and stone. Ironically, foreign aid in form of manpower, equipment, money and other forms comes almost instanly to help our stricken countrymen.

Here in the Philippines, it’s more tragic that laws protecting the people are continuously broken for the sake of economy and interests of a logging industry that has long had a reputation of causing such tragedies we saw in Leyte last week. Well, maybe it’s not the logging industry that’s solely at fault. If there are laws, there should be someone enforcing it. Obviously, it’s another tragedy that THAT is not being done.

In the Philippines, it’s also tragic that we easily forget the mistakes and abuses we’ve done that came back to haunt us, as well as the mistakes and abuses done to us. The growing indifference has become a big tragedy too.

The real tragedy is not the small ones that keep occuring that tests our spirits as people of a nation. The real tragedy is within ourselves, and I fear that the only bigger tragedy that we are waiting for is we completely forget that to live in a country is like sharing a house: live in it with respect for the home, for the people you live with, their space, do your share, and respect the Creator that built it for you to live in.

Only time will tell if He/She/It decides to just close this house down and boots all of us out in the cold and all we hear is the flapping of the cold wind, and voices of the ages telling us what we knew all along and regret is all that we have to live in and live with.

What we are becoming is the real tragedy of all.


We Have to Start from Somewhere

I’m doing my share by starting slowly.

I no longer pout when the bus driver insists that I be unloaded at the designated bus stop.

I start throwing the bus tickets and other trash I have at waste bins. There’s not much segregated waste bins around but at least I throw them in the right place. And now I start feeling guilty for those cigarette butts…

I do my best to cross the road in the right places. Sometimes though, I still forget, but only when I’m hurrying.

When I get on a car, even if it’s not mine, I instantly buckle up.

It’s not that hard.

Seriously, we have to start somewhere.


ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES #1 (my personal list)

The traffic lights are on in the intersection, and there’s a traffic aide in the middle of it directing traffic.

It’s a sign that we have too many stupid drivers on the streets. Having the traffic lights on and paying an aide to direct the traffic is just plain costly and inefficient.

Solution: Leave the lights off and take the aide out. Let’s see if traffic chaos can teach Pinoy drivers a lesson in gridlock and anger management.


It’s not funny anymore.

2 thoughts on “THE REAL TRAGEDY

  1. that happens even when the traffic light is on.🙂hehehe only in the philippines where you’ll see traffic cops that hide under the bushes, spring out of nowhere like ghosts and give you a traffic ticket.nakikipagpatintero din sila sa highway. hehehestolen winter

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