Spoonbender @ Kublai’s Katipunan

Set list: five songs, four original and one cover (Beautiful by Flickerstick)

Prex and Terence doing their thing!

Terence on drums
Jary plays lead guitar.

Prex on vocals.

G-Boy on bass guitar.

Jon on rhythm guitar.


Everybody get together now.

Scarlett just before her first gig.

I can’t describe the feeling in words. It just feels great to perform on stage again. And thanks to my bandmates for picking up this “stray dog” guitarist, for taking a chance in me and taking me in.

And of course, thanks to my friends, Teedzay for driving and taking the great photos and basically everything (the effects i use, the lessons, feedback, lahat pare!), Bingbong for watching us perform and carrying our gear and hanging out with us. To my friends who weren’t able to come, I hope you catch us at our next gig and hopefully it’s somewhere really accessible so we can all have fun!

And to Bedtime Stories Productions for having us play. Thanks thanks thanks!

And to the people who texted and remembered and gave me so much encouragement, many many thanks! You know who you are!

Darn, this looks like a liner note in an album cover.

Well, hopefully we’ll be able to come out with one! Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “MUSIC

  1. @prexyever: asteeg tlaga mga kuha ni teedzay. ang ganda pa ng kuha nya sa set list natin kagabi!@jenjen: oist!!! sana kasi nagbabasa ang mga friendships ko ng status ko sa YM! sa next gig namin nood ka sana malapit lapit na next time hehehe 🙂

  2. @robin: thanks man!!! sana nga dumami pa ang gigs namin!!! 🙂 pare your mementos will be in my strap lagi, para ka na ring andun!!! we’ll rock for you hehehe 🙂

  3. @trinapie: salamat ulit ng marami sa pagbati!!! 🙂 sarap talaga ng pakiramdam ng minsa’y nangarap at sa paglipas ng panahon ay nagkatotoo… 🙂naku mahiyain tlaga ako sa autograph thing na yan natatameme ako hahahah!!! pag may album na siguro 😉

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