When you hurt people, they begin to love you less. That’s what careless words do. They make people love you a little less.

I came across this line from Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things. I am actually struggling through this novel. It has its ups and downs, and it has very captivating lines and thoughts. Generally, I feel it’s too profound for me, but I’m giving it a lot of chances.

Well, this line makes me think of the times that I’ve uttered careless words, and makes me think maybe that’s why sometimes I feel less loved than most people. Running into this very insightful truth reminds me how splinters may cause the tiniest of pains and how hard they can be to remove and how people learn their lesson and stay away from what caused those little hurts.

Anyways, that line and the whole chapter that contained it captured me. You may sound smart with your sarcasm and profound choice of words and thoughts but all you end up finding yourself doing is adding splinters to a person’s heart that chips away at whatever form of love that he/she has for you.

And I think that I’ve done this to someone before. And I think I experienced hearing careless words that made me love someone less too.

It’s a wonder how you find the right words to things that has happened in your life in books.

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  1. @bea: thanks sa comment! kahit minsan di ko sya masyado magets yung book sa profundity nya, I’m sticking it out because it has really interesting insights. Uy papirma sa inyo pag nakabili na ako ng copy ng album nyo ha 🙂@trinapie: hahahah it’s alright trinapie 🙂 sorry din for some of the careless words. reading those lines made me realize din na marami na mga tao who may have loved me less and less… pero nakakatuwa kasi sa mga petty fights natin, we end up patching up things and differences 🙂

  2. nice entry. reminds me that i should be more careful with what i say….. pag natapos mo novel, sabihin mo naman sa akin why God is also a God of small things… 😉

  3. We used to laugh-out-loud insulting each other with jokes (some are half-meant)and it turned out these insensitive jokes marked a scar on some and, are unable to forgive – there’s no “we” now, only some of us are left…

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