Urbandub’s First of Summer breaks the silence.

It’s my mobile phone ringing.

I check the caller ID. Unfortunately, it’s a landline number that isn’t stored on my phonebook. Must be one of the credit card companies agents calling to tell me that I’ve missed a payment or to personally thank me for ensuring that they can keep their job because I’ve helped get them THEIR due.

“Hello?”, I quizzingly.

“Hi, sir. It’s M– from (insert health club name here).”

Oh. Yeah. The gym.

“Sir, we’ve noticed that you haven’t been visiting us for the past X months.”

I noticed too.

“Sir, we also noticed that you haven’t been paying your dues.”

I knew it. A payment call. Now at last, I can interject to explain…

“Sir, I’d like to remind you that you owe us X amount of pesos. Your credit card just rejected…”

Battery low alert. I start humming Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” silently in my head. Anytime now, the line will die…

“Sir, please settle this amount immediately if you want to terminate your account. We can’t terminate your account if…”


My mobile’s battery gives up the ghost.

Silence once again.

Then, I realize.


Quoting Jack Arnold from The Wonder Years, “I bust my hump for this?”

Yeah, I do.

And I’m left with peace and payables.

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