Lakas mo sa akin, Trina πŸ™‚

autumn shallows

her once bright fiery eyes became devoid of color,
like a winter landscape melting away grayish splendor.

like old friends, the palette loses its bright display,
like teeth giving way to old age, to loss and to decay.

her once chestnut hair went dark and unpainted,
like a road much travelled, its surface marked and faded.

her season of autumn went away to the gallows,
like bodies in the surf, hit by waves in the shallows.

like watching a wildfire die, ember by ember.
her leaves fall down in a manner much slower.

– At Home, 12:14 A.M
Music: the shaking of the electric fan’s grills. uncle’s snoring. cpu fan’s humming.
Current Mood: excited and scared. i don’t know how to swim and i’ll be swimming with whale sharks tomorrow.
Current Chatmate: Trina and Monsi
Current in Donsol: I wish it won’t be too strong.

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