I won’t go into the details anymore.

I think the following fragments best describe the Bicol getaway last weekend:

A butt-wrenching, eleven-hour bus ride. Brutally cold van. Driven with “Manong Schumacher”. Tocino and Eggs. Whale Shark Interaction. Seven sightings. River boating and fireflies. Walk, walk, and walk. Motocross Trike ride. Big dinner. Motocross Trike ride again. Straight to bed. Funny breakfast. Getting to know one day after being together. Two centuries-old churches. One volcano. A hot summer day. Haggling and shopping. Spelunking in a cave with a dance floor. Majestic Mayon sheds its shyness. Going home. 11 friends richer.


Photos from Donsol, Sorsogon and various parts of Legaspi, Albay

The path to the beach

The sea

Model souvenir shopper

A reminder about history

Still standing after nearly 200 years

Majestic Mayon

Sunset at Ogod-Donsol river

The calm Donsol waters

Yek and the butanding

Flowers by the Ogod-Donsol river

Butanding spotter has the most enviable view

Sumptuous dinner: it really was ours
Centuries-old Daraga church belltower

Hoyop-Hoyopan caves: a skull-shaped ceiling

Time to go home…

… and to take photos with one another.

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