Current LSS: 23 by Jimmy Eat World (thanks to TJ for the recommendation)
Current Mood: Tired (thanks to work)
Current Read: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova (thanks to Tasha and Jennie for the recommendation and Wally for the book)
Current Craving: Brothers Cheesesteak (fulfilled, thanks to a very hungry tummy)
Current Financial Situation: Broke (thanks to expenses and bills and that craving fulfillment run)
Current Rave: LOST Season 2 (thanks to BitTorrent, I can follow the US run)
Current Addiction: Cable TV (thanks to mom’s new subscription)
Current Addiction, 2nd Place: practicing with Scarlett on my newly-pieced together amplifier (thanks to dad’s old audio setup and speakers… and I mean really old)
Current Emotion: Happy naman (thanks to a non-stop, eventful upcoming weekend and great people around me)
Current Unbilled Balance on my mobile: PHP 505.89 (which is low, thanks to rebates on bills from last year’s loyalty program)
Current Dream Car: Mitsubishi’s Concept Car (which I forgot, but I discovered, thanks to Sports Plus)
Current Task: Blogging this nonsensical entry (thanks to boredom and insomnia)
Current Alcohol Level: zero (thanks to an empty wallet and absence of beerkada buds)
Current Chatmates: Trina and Robin (thanks for the online company!)
Current Attire: Bum wear – shorts (thanks to the summer heat)

Since I went this far to make this kind of like a survey, let’s pick a few people to answer this:
Trina (survey!!!)
Chai (survey din!!!)
Prex (mahilig ka sa currency di ba?)
Robin (bro gawin mo to habang nanjan ka sa Apple Store with all your chicks!)
Shynne (balita ko kay Trina babalik ka daw sa pagboblog eh heheh!)

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